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Find My Phone 4 Android Wear

Find My Phone 4 Android Wear

Track My Fitness

Reviews: 466 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

It turns your Android Wear watch into a leash for your phone. It is the

only Android Wear App that automatically locks your phone

when your Android Wear watch is out of range. It keeps your phone secure.



It alerts you when your phone is out of the range of your Android Wear watch. Never forget to carry your phone with you again.



You can tap on your Android Wear watch to sound an alarm on the phone. Finding your Phone is so much easier. On the Android Wear watch say "Ok, Google, start Find My Phone"



When your Android Wear watch is out of the Bluetooth range of your phone, the Android Wear Find My Phone App automatically locks your phone. Your phone is always secure.

Works with all Android Wear watches, Samsung, LG G, LG G R, Moto 360, Asus Zenwatch, Sony Watch 3.

If you do not want the auto locking feature, simply do not grant the App the Device Admin permission.

If you like it, give it a 5 star rating. This App will always be free, no Ad, no in-app purchase. It is our contribution to the community to make fellow Android Wear users' life easier.

Do not like it? Stop whining, the source code is at , contribute to make it better for fellow Android Wear users.

Credit: started with the code base from Android Wear SDK's example.

它把你的Andr​​oid Wear手表到皮带为您的手机。它是在

只有Android Wear应用程序,可以自动锁定你的手机当你的Andr​​oid Wear手表超出范围。它使您的手机安全。


警告:的它会提醒您,当您的手机是你的Andr​​oid Wear手表的范围。永远不要忘记再次随身携带的手机和你在一起。


查找:您可以在您的Andr​​oid Wear手表敲击的声音在电话报警。寻找你的手机是如此的容易得多。在Android Wear手表说:“好吧,谷歌,开始寻找我的手机”


安全:当你的Andr​​oid Wear手表是你的手机的蓝牙范围内的,在Android穿查找我的手机应用程序会自动锁定您的手机。您的手机永远是安全的。

适用于所有Android Wear手表,三星,LG G,LG GR,摩托360,华硕Zenwatch,索尼观察3。


如果你喜欢它,给它一个5星评级。这个应用程序将永远是免费的,没有广告,没有在应用程序内购买。这是我们对社会做出的同胞Android Wear用户的生活更轻松的贡献。

不喜欢吗?停止抱怨,源代码是,有助于使其更好地为同胞Android Wear用户。