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File Manager for Android Wear

File Manager for Android Wear

John Li

Reviews: 43 | Score: 3 | Price: €1.00

The first File Manager for you Android Wear Watch, you can use it to find files on your watch, send or receive files from your phone to your Watch, and view photo or text file on the watch. This App also have the full feature Phone File Manager included.

Features (some features only available on the phone):

- list all files and folders

- touch the file/folder icon to open file/folder

- order by name/date/file size

- send via email/bluetooth/note (Phone Only)

- rename file

- batch delete file

- open file based on type

- built-in Photo Viewer

- action button: Refresh,Send to Phone Or Watch, SDCard,select all, share, rename, delete, order by name, order by date, order by file size

- Photo Slides view, touch left top corner to play slides, touch right top corner go to previous photo, touch right bottom corner go to next photo

- Change Photo Slides timer in option menu (Phone Only)

- Built-in text file viewer


* Where can I find the files sent ?

The receiving folder is the folder you open when you send files to Watch or Phone. You can use the SDCard icon to go to SDCard folder to receiving files.

* What's the ICON means ?

The icon from left to right means: Refresh, Send file, go to SD Card folder, Select All, Share files, Rename file, Delete File, Order by Name, Order by length, New Folder, copy file, cut , paste, cancel.

We have just released the 'Watch Tools for Android Wear' with App Launcher and remote control phone features, you can find it here:

(Special Notes for Install: Android Wear Watch App install takes extra time, so please wait about 20s ~ 1minute after phone install App complete.)