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FXWatch! 外為レート・チャート

FXWatch! 外為レート・チャート


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AndroidWear端末:LG G Watch / LG G Watch R / SONY SmartWatch3 / SAMSUNG GearLive


Android端末:Android 4.3以上

AndroidWear端末:AndroidWear 5.0以上






金融商品取引業者 関東財務局長(金商)第77号

商品先物取引業者 農林水産省指令22総合第1337号 経済産業省平成22・12・ 13商第19号

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"FXWatch!", Even if not taken out the smartphone and tablet, is a useful AndroidWear app at any time easily exchange rate from the on the smart watch, the chart can be confirmed.

Even if you do not have an account in the GMO CLICK Securities available free of charge.

■ The main function

▽ choose WatchFace

Three types of WatchFace automatic update rate of the clock and the 1/2/4 currency pair is displayed we offer. To fit in either of the square type and round smart watch, it will be displayed in the optimum Face selection screen each automatically.

You can easily set the interval of the currency pair and the automatic update to be displayed on the WatchFace from Android terminal side of the Settings app.

Currency pairs: 18 currency pairs (FX Neo transaction rate)

Auto update interval: 5/10/60 seconds, 5/15/30 minutes, 1/3/6/12 hours

※ The default is 5 seconds. If you reduce the data communication amount, etc., please set longer the update interval.

※ When smart watch is the power-saving mode, the rate update and stops, it is only time information is updated.

Please cancel the power-saving mode by, for example, tap the screen to check for the latest rate.

▽ easily check can be 8-legged species of chart

Only operation on the smart watch, you can view all currency pairs × 8-legged species of chart of FX Neo trading.

If there is a price movement to be worried about in the chart, start-up of the Press and the length screen FX Neo trading dedicated Android app "FXroidPlus" is also possible. (If you have already pre-installed)

Foot Type: 1/5/10/15/30/60 minutes, 4/8 hours

■ use recommended environment

[Target models]

Android devices: Bluetooth compatible models

AndroidWear terminal: LG G Watch / LG G Watch R / SONY SmartWatch3 / SAMSUNG GearLive

[Target OS]

Android devices: Android 4.3 or higher

AndroidWear terminal: AndroidWear 5.0 or higher

※ In the case of use of the above compatible models, there is a case where the model by the setting of the dependent and terminal, are not part of normal display. Please note.

※ You can also download other than the above target model, but because that has not been confirmed by our company, will not be certified. Customers of responsibility and thank you for your use at decision.

◆ Please check the Terms and Conditions before you use ◆

☆ ★ FX dealings of neo equipped with the "speed order chart" [FXroidPlus Please use the] ★ ☆

Director of the Kanto Local Financial Bureau (gold quotient) No. 77

Commodity futures traders the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Directive 22 overall No. 1337 No. Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2010, 12, 13 and Commerce No. 19

Member Associations: Japan Securities Dealers Association, Institute Financial Futures Association, Japan commodity futures Trading Association

This software includes the productions that have been distributed in Apache2.0 license.