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Call Blocker Voicemail Blocker

Call Blocker Voicemail Blocker


Reviews: 325 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

** Please make sure you are NOT using anything else to block the same number, either your phone's internal blocking list (auto reject list), or your carrier's blocking service, or any other call blocking app. The pick up and hang up won't work if you are using something else to block the same number. If you are not sure, turn off the blocker and see if the call is still blocked.

New feature: Integrated FCC weekly robo call and tele-marketing call report, numbers in the report will automatically be blocked.

Getting tired of unwanted calls, spam voicemail, call ringing at the wrong time, or missed important calls? This App is designed to help you taking control of calls to your phone and get back the peace in life again. With this app installed, if you don't want them to reach you, they will never be able to reach you ! block calls and block spam voicemail.

This is a simplified version of Extreme Call Blocker app. It supports only a blacklist and a white list, no message blocking. Check out

Extreme Call Blocker app

for full call and message blocking features, including blacklist, white list, message blocking, private message vault, blocking profiles, contact group blocking and much more.

Download the complete user's manual from this link:


* Support "Pick up and Hangup", "Send to VoiceMail", "Mute the Call" call blocking mode. Samsung and LG phone users might need special setup for "Pick up and Hangup" mode, please email dev for instructions.

* Support timer for call blocking schedule

* Option to send text message response to blocked caller

* Support blocking outgoing calls

* Support blocking of PRIVATE, UNKNOWN and STRANGER calls.

* Support wildcard matching to block area codes, or numbers with same pattern.

* Option to block all non-contact calls with one click

White list:

* Important numbers will never be blocked.

* Option to ring the phone even when the phone is muted.

* Option to white list the entire phone book with one click.

* Support wildcard matching to white list area codes, or numbers with same pattern.

* Support white list all numbers under the same contact.

DoNotDisturb Widget:

* A quick way to block all calls with one click

* Support "Send to voicemail", "pick up and hang up", and "mute the call" blocking mode, applies to all incoming calls when DoNotDisturb mode is on.

* Option to block white list numbers in DoNotDisturb mode

* Option to check the call against blacklist when in DoNotDisturb mode

Support Android Wearable device:

* Turn on/off the DoNotDisturb mode from your Android Wearable device.

* Receive notification on our wearable device when DoNotDisturb mode is enabled.

Other features:

*.Password protected.

* Auto start on phone restart

* All calls blocked are logged

* Automatic erase of blocked calls from phone's call log

This version of the app is free for you to use, it limits to 5 numbers in the blacklist and 5 numbers in the white list, if the app works well, please consider upgrade to remove the limit. Thank you for supporting our development effort.