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Call Auto Answer & ReadItT

Call Auto Answer & ReadItT


Reviews: 516 | Score: 3 | Price: Free

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New Feature:

Read incoming phone number or caller ID and incoming SMS.

! Please do NOT forget to build your auto answer list, only numbers on the list will be auto answered.

Ever want to let the phone answers the call automatically when you are driving, or riding a bicycle, or busy doing something with both hands, or simply don't want to press that little button because your hands are dirty, then this app is for you.

This App does only one thing and it does it well, it auto answers your calls for you so now it can truly be called "hands-free".

Even more, it can also detect that a Bluetooth hands-free device is connected and automatically enable the auto answer, then disable auto answer when the Bluetooth device is disconnected.

This App is specifically designed for Kitkat (Android 4.4), Lollipop (Android 5.0) and above versions, auto answer will work just fine on your phones running Kitkat , Lollipop or above Android versions.

But it won't just automatically answer all calls, you have full control of it by building a trusted list of numbers , and the app will only auto answer calls from those trusted numbers. Building the list is simple and easy, you can pull numbers directly from your phone's contact or call log or type it manually.

It also has a set of options that you can configure to better manage your calls:

Wired headset control:

Automatically turn on the auto answer when a wired headset is connected, and turn off the auto answer when it is disconnected.

Delay before answer:

set a delay timer before calls are auto answered so you have a chance to look at the number.

Turn On Speakerphone:

Automatically turn on the speakerphone when answering the call.

Check Bluetooth:

Automatically route the audio to your Bluetooth headset if there is one connected.

Check Wired Headset:

Automatically route the audio to your wired headset if there is one connected.

It also provides three different ways for you to turn on or off the auto answer quickly and easily:

On/Off Switch:

there is an on/off switch in the app.


add the auto answer widget to your phone's home screen and use that to turn on or off the auto answer.

Smart Watch:

This app also supports smart watch and will install an on/off button on your smart watch so you can turn on or off the auto answer from it.


A notification can be displayed on the notification bar to let your know auto answer is on.

You can also change the App theme and set your favorite color in the settings.

This version of the app is free for you to use, but you can only add up to 5 numbers in the auto answer list. If the app works well, please consider upgrading to include advanced features. We appreciate your support to our development effort.

By upgrading you'll be able to :

Add unlimited numbers in the auto answer list

Add Google contact groups to the auto answer list

Automatically turn on/off auto answer when a Bluetooth headset is connected/disconnected

Option to auto answer all contacts on your phone

Option to auto answer all calls

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