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Calendar for Android Wear

Calendar for Android Wear

NeFa Studio

Reviews: 96 | Score: 4 | Price: €1.00

Note: Android Wear smart watch is required to use this app. Checked with Sony SmartWatch3, LG G Watch, LG G Watch R, and Moto 360.

View Google Calendar monthly events, quick change time / delete / add new events from your wrist!

Monthly view shows different types of events in arc and circles with different color which makes you to see when you have events in quick view. You can quickly delete or change time for moved events, and quickly add new event to calendar.

- White / Black colored design

- Monthly view shows circles for events

- Holiday calendar

- Marker for day with event containing specific keyword

- Quick add / delete event

- Change date / time / title for event (repeated event not supported)

- Various types of text input methods


Voice input

Customizable Panels

- View title, location, time and detail for evetns

- Week number for ISO / US style

- Monday / Sunday start

- 12 / 24 hour style

- Unicode Emoji input


Use launcher such as Wear Mini Launcher for easy access to apps.


Voice input available for entering title text, free-form command (ok, google) is not supported at this time.

About permissions:

Internet access - used for Japanese kana-kanji translation

Read / Write Calendar - As is

Vibrate - Used for vibration

Wake Lock - Not used for now, might use in future to improve response speed

Special Thanks to : for providing great icons.