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Brightness For Android Wear

Brightness For Android Wear


Reviews: 4 | Score: 4 | Price: €1.00

Android Wear is required!

Brightness For Android Wear is an app that can change your wear brightness more precisely then the settings app on your wearable device.

How to launch app on wearable?

Method 1: Voice Command

Using a voice command: Say 'OK Google… Start Brightness For Android Wear'.

Method 2: Start Menu

If you are unable to launch any app via 'Voice Command', you can start the app with the steps below:

1. Tap the screen of the watch face.

2. Scroll down to the menu 'Start'.

3. Tap on 'Start'.

4. Search the list for 'Brightness For Android Wear' and open the application.

How to connect Android Phone to Android Wear?

If you haven't got any connection with your watch then you should follow these steps:

1. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone.

2. Install the 'Android Wear' app from the Play Store.

3. When done installing connect your wear device with the Android Wear application.

4. Your wearable should now be connected to your phone.