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Bouncy Bubbles - Pang!

Bouncy Bubbles - Pang!

Cosmic Pie Design

Reviews: 235 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

Inspired by the classic game pang.

Take a bunch of odd bugs, some bouncing bubbles, and make them fight each other in an enchanting graphics. What you'll get is a new sublime and super hard game you'll soon get addicted to.

Meet Steve the bee and his tilting bugs gang. They're so cute but sharply equipped to shoot the bubbles: spikes, fire bullets, freezing weapons and many other abilities! Bubbles have no chances. Let them touch the spikes or be hit by a bullet and.... PANG! Bubbles pop!!

Complete all the 75 crazy levels in 5 enchanting worlds! Earn coins in the Endless Mode, upgrade your bugs and shoot the bubbles! Challenge your friends in the Endless Mode and climb the leaderboard!

How to play:

- Tilt your smartphone to move around with your shooting bugs

- Tap the screen on the right half to shoot the bubbles (with a spike or a bullet)

- Tap the screen on the left half to jump

- When bubbles touch the spikes they pop!

- Have fun! :)

Bouncy Bubbles is free and will always be free.


- 5 sublime worlds with unique playing features

- 75 enchanting and challenging levels in the Story Mode

- Unlimited fun in the Endless Mode

- Unlock all bugs

- Upgrade your bugs with new abilities

- Enchanting graphics

- Easy to play, hard to master








- 倾斜你的智能手机与你的拍摄错误走动

- 点击右侧半个屏幕拍摄的泡沫(带穗或子弹)

- 点击屏幕左侧半跳

- 当气泡触摸他们弹出的尖峰!

- 玩的开心! :)



- 5崇高的世界有独特的演奏特点

- 75迷人的和具有挑战性的水平在故事模式

- 在无尽模式的无限乐趣

- 解锁所有的bug

- 升级你的错误有新的能力

- 附魔的图形

- 易玩,很难掌握