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Baby Time: Android Wear Lock

Baby Time: Android Wear Lock

Yoni Samlan

Reviews: 134 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

An Android Wear app to prevent rugrats from accidentally SMSing China or ordering you a Lyft car when you’re

holding them. It keeps the screen on, but at its lowest brightness setting to avoid annoying – or

worse yet, interesting – an infant.

Start the app by saying "OK Google, run Baby Time." The only way to exit Baby Time is to swipe up

twice and then down twice:

**✔ Motor control verified. WELCOME ADULT HUMAN**

Any other types of touches will keep the watch locked and just show a message:


This app is *ONLY* for phones with Android Wear watches connected! It won't do anything at all on a phone alone, and will not work with any other types of smartwatches. If you do have a compatible Android Wear device, the app should show up on your watch within a few minutes of installing this app on your phone.

This app is free, with no IAP or ads, and is open source: - enjoy.