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Apollo Wear Inspector

Apollo Wear Inspector

MobiDev Studio

Reviews: 138 | Score: 4 | Price: Free


Apollo Wear Inspector manages the apps on you android wear with your phone. You can browse all your wear apps, and see more details about each of them.

1.3 Features

1. Show hardware information of watch, including cpu, sensors, manufacturer etc

2. Show OS information of watch, including android version, android id etc

3. Clean watch memory on handheld

4. Create app white list for watch memory clean

1.2 Features

Notifications on watch, handheld, or both when wear apps are installed, updated, or uninstalled

Permissions for each wear app required on watch and handheld

Show and clean memory on watch

Show internal and external storage on watch

1.0 Features

Storage space using of each app

Permissions of each app

Shortcut of uninstalling the app

Direct link of app details on Google Play

Share app with friends

Run app on watch or handheld

Marks apps only on watch, or apps missing the watch part

Please note: This is still an early release. if it crash, please contact the developer instead of leaving a bad comment.