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Aero Watch Pro

Aero Watch Pro

Aero Glass

Reviews: 2 | Score: 1 | Price: €55.00

Aero Watch provides all your necessary aviation instruments - right on your wrist!

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Aero Watch provides the following instruments on your watch, mobile & tablet:

* Altimeter

* Attitude Indicator

* Heading Indicator

* Speed Indicator

* Vertical Speed Indicator

* Turn & Slip Indicator

* Clock & Stop watch

* GPS raw data




Aero Watch Pro includes a navigation database with global coverage for airports & navaids. See where you're headed through an RMI, CDI or HSI-style interface.

Aero Watch Pro can connect to an iLevil SW or AW AHRS, and show your aircrafts attitude & position.

The application runs on a regular phone & tablet as well, with the same features as on the watch.

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