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ATUR -  Smart Notification App

ATUR - Smart Notification App

Dolphin Systems AG

Reviews: 145 | Score: 4 | Price: Free

At its core, ATUR is a smart and powerful but simple notification app that filters text messages and phone calls.But thats not all: You decide who's messages are important enough to alert you!

Take control over your incoming SMS message alerts or calls: ATUR is like having your own personal assistant. You can even silence your phone with confidence knowing that you will still get notified of selected incoming communications.


as of version 1.2 also available for your smartwatch.

Once the app responds on important messages, this will be displayed directly on your wrist.

You select incoming communications, and then setup the filter to apply to them - for example communications from particular contacts or phone numbers, or certain keywords in a message. If the filter matches, an alert / signalisation will be triggered: you can choose to be notified by a special audible (import any sound-file you want) alarm, your smartphones flashlight or simply by the vibration of your phone (By the way - a very helpful tool for deaf and hard of hearing persons).

Until you respond, the alarm will repeat and remain prominent on the main screen. Missing an important message can cause financial damage and unhappy customers - not with the SMS Pager

Features and benefits:

• This mobile app is free of charge and compatible with smartphone, tablet and smartwatch

• One-click import of contacts from your address book

• A message will stay on your main screen until confirmed

• Rapid overview of important incoming SMS and missed calls

• Log of all messages / Visual status indication

• Select from 3 different and specially developed alarm sounds or import another sound file

• Vibration and flash increase the impact

• Vibration and flash settings are customisable

• Do-not-disturb-function interrupts the signalisation for a certain period

• Widget to be included on home and lock screen

Why do I need this app?

I receive countless messages on my smartphone every day: Calls, SMS, e-mail, WhatsApp, you name it. With all this, there’s a good risk of missing an important message. The information I really need just doesn't stand out enough in the flood of incoming information. Thanks to the google mobile app ATUR, I can now determine the message types and people I really need to be available for and it raises my punctuality. I definitely will not miss these messages.

***** Review

Michael Wachter, one of our users said: Thank you for the great mobile app. Now I can sleep again quietly, because I know, that I will no more miss an Alert”

About Dolphin Systems AGs:

Dolphin Systems

has been a pioneer in so-called cloud-based technology, providing communication solutions for more than 20 years, Dolphin has also developed specific products such as the kidnapping alert via SMS for the Swiss Federal Department of Justice and Police, or the emergency app for the Swiss Air-Rescue Company, Rega.

More functions and areas of application

• A text message (SMS) can be filtered after content. For example with a filter for the word alarm

• Alarming with special events (failure reports, technical alerts, mobilization and so on) although suitably for fire brigades and police

• Notification of special persons, like important clients, chief, team or family

• Notification in surroundings, where mobile phone normally should be in the silent mode, like in Meeting, on events, in cinemas or in the theatre and while you are sleeping.

• Notification in noisy surroundings (street noise or industrial noise)